Our History

At Boys & Girls Club of Wilmington, we are proud of our rich and local history!

In July of 1937, citizens of Wilmington met with A.A. Montgomery and other prominent members of the community to begin planning the initial stages of creating a Boys Club in Wilmington.

At the time, Dr. F. W. Avant served as president and began coordinating the movement as president.

In November of 1937, the New Hanover Board of Education granted the organization use of Williston’s Domestic Science Building. Until 1940, the Club operated solely on voluntary contributions and had difficulty raising funds to meet budgetary demands. In 1940 after financial demands finally became too large of a responsibility, the three-year-old organization had to cease operations.

In 1943, the Community Chest was formed, and the Club was able to reorganize and accept funding from the Community Chest. As anticipated, in June 1944, the Community Chest allocated $4,279 for the Club’s operation. From 1944 until 1977 the Club operated without any community alliances. In 1977, the Club united with the Salvation Army and combined their efforts to raise more than a million dollars for two new facilities. Mr. Dan Cameron served as Chairman of the Combined Capital Campaign of the two organizations. From the money raised, the Club was able to purchase a new facility in September of 1979 for community use.

The Club continued to function and operate solely serving young men. Then in June of 1994, the organization changed its name to the Community Boys and Girls Club of Wilmington, Inc., in order to reflect its changing demographics. The organization eventually expanded to include locations in New Hanover and Brunswick Counties.

In September of 2018, Hurricane Florence devastated Wilmington and surrounding areas, causing damage to our main Clubhouse on Nixon Street In May of 2019, renovations were completed on the Daniel D. Cameron Unit which included the creation of an education/computer room, middle school room, teen room, weight room, and multipurpose room.

Over the years, the Club has served thousands of youth with core programming standards that influenced every part of the children’s lives and provided them with a positive place to grow into productive and responsible citizens.